Hotel Social Media | 9 Social Media Marketing for Hotels

If you’re a hotel owner or marketer, you know that social media is an important part of your marketing mix. But what are the best ways to use social media to promote your hotel?

This blog post will discuss nine hotel social media marketing strategies.

We’ll cover everything from creating a social media strategy to using paid advertising on social networks.

So whether you’re just starting with hotel social media or looking for new ideas, read on for some valuable tips!

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Hotel Social Media | Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Hotel Social Media Marketing Strategies Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Customers today turn to social media when looking for a place to stay.

Travel blogs, travel accounts with wanderlust-inducing material, and just about any form of brand awareness are all popular sources of inspiration for consumers.

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even Pinterest are popular inspiration platforms.

Establishing a presence on social media is critical for hotels that wish to be relevant and attract younger client demographics, especially if there are many rivals in the area.

Customers nowadays seek advice on the internet when selecting a location to stay.

The internet presence of a hotel is an important part of what makes it appealing as a place to stay. So establishing an effective social media plan should be a top priority for businesses looking to expand their client base and gain industry recognition.

9 Hotel Social Media Marketing Strategies

Here are the top ten ideas for expanding your strategy, whether you’re just starting with social media marketing or want to try something new.

Show Faces in Your Posts

Show Faces | Hotel Social Media | Social Media Marketing for Hotels

One of the most significant advantages of social media is that it allows you to reveal a much more personal side of your business.

It’s even more powerful if you give your resort a face or several faces to identify.

Instead of a strictly business-oriented online presence, include actual people in your posts.

Including actual people in your photos and vids will help your followers form what feels like a human connection with your business. This feeling will strengthen their bond with your brand.

Create content with your staff addressing the audience (or the camera). Including your staff will enhance the impact and offer interesting content to watch.

Your hotel instantly becomes more “human” by featuring personnel on your social media sites.

Customers will get a better feel for the hotel and its atmosphere if they go there, which might assist in planting the notion of making a reservation.

Make use of short-form video.

Short Form Video Content | Hotel Social Media | Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Short attention spans are a characteristic of social media users.

Your hotel needs to ensure that what it’s sharing is noticed, given the huge amount of content available from various companies.

Short-form video is undoubtedly the most popular content type, especially on social media platforms like TikTok.

You may also make and share films on Instagram called “Reels,” or even post little clips on Facebook, your website, or in email marketing material to reach a broader audience with this engaging stuff.

You may accomplish a lot with short-form videos, from following viral trends to conducting micro interviews with employees and consumers.

Short mashups work well in this style since they allow you to convey a message while also catching the attention of your target audience. This method is particularly effective if you want to entice potential consumers to stay at or visit your hotel or location of operations.

Short video montages with music that evokes a mood or a memory may appeal to your audience’s desire to go on vacation or plan a getaway. You may use music to make brief montages encapsulating a mood or experience.

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with Influencers Hotel Social Media Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Influencer marketing is a wonderful method for hotels to enhance their social media marketing efforts.
It can help you create new material as well as expand your reach to potential new consumers, and it may also assist improve your brand image by association.

When it comes to developing an influencer marketing plan, hotels have a lot of alternatives. For example, you could:

  • Consider providing travel or lifestyle influencers sponsored trips to get them to recommend their experiences with friends and family.
  • Offer the hotel as a venue for an influencer’s event. It can appear in their material, as well as the content of event attendees.
  • Develop a collaboration with an influencer in which they promote your hotel and its offered services to their followers.
  • Create a loyalty program with internet influencers, offering discounted rooms when they advertise your property or provide a unique discount only for their fans.
  • Collaborate with an influencer to star in an ad campaign.

Choosing a travel influencer to collaborate with is the simplest solution, but don’t be constrained by your sector.

Consider your hotel’s target audience and look for individuals with a large following among your target audience. Then, consider innovative ways you may collaborate with them.

Give a sense of exclusivity.

Give a sense of exclusivity. Hotel Social Media Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Having consistent material across all platforms is vital on social media, but offering something unique on every platform is critical.

That way, your fans will more likely interact with your hotel’s social media accounts on other sites. It benefits engagement and helps build your brand’s reputation.

You can give a sense of exclusivity on social media. They won’t find it anywhere else through the unique content you share and the insights you provide to your fans.

Here are some social media strategies:

  • Running contests
  • Introduce new rooms or facilities by giving sneak peeks.
  • Offering pricing discounts
  • Encouraging followers to contribute to the design or selection of new services.

You’ll not only encourage engagement across all of your accounts, but you’ll also create a stronger sense of an “exclusive community” among your followers. Creating exclusivity among your followers helps to increase customer loyalty.

Consider Business Seasonality

Business Seasonality - Hotel Social Media Social Media Marketing for Hotels

All hotels consider seasonality when it comes to revenue.

It would help if you also considered seasonality while developing your social media strategy.

Whether your hotel is in the high or low season, you’ll most likely have distinct objectives.

First and foremost, make sure your social media posts are relevant to these goals and seek to capitalize on peak season interest.

Adjust your social content to keep followers or increase engagement during quieter months of the year by providing discounts or highlighting distinct events to entice bookings.

Business Seasonality | Hotel Social Media | Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Seasonality may also be the yearly occasions or holidays that occur throughout the year. Use these seasons to structure your social media postings.

Consider incorporating content about the holidays or special days into your strategy. Holiday posts will make it more likely to be shared during the celebration, offering it a huge chance to go viral.

Reply Quickly

Reply Quickly Hotel Social Media Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn to interact with your followers, fast responding to comments and compliments is crucial.

In the digital realm, things move quickly, and most social media users want instant gratification or replies.

Replying to or engaging with social media comments may seem time-consuming, but it can offer many benefits for your business.

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First and foremost, it empowers your audience to feel recognized and acknowledged.

Whether dealing with a complaint or simply offering thanks for a review, replying to your consumers will help you build connections, make customer service seem more personal, and stimulate additional reviews.

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Responding and engaging in talks with your followers also improves your brand image among other followers who are simply viewing these interactions.

Suppose your hotel becomes branded as a company that cares about and listens to its clients. In that case, you’ll develop a favorable public image and encourage additional interaction.

A favorable public image and interaction aid in your social media content performance.

Finally, promptly responding to comments or mentions about your business helps you manage the response.

In good circumstances, it might imply sharing and making the most of a favorable review from a consumer or influencer. Sharing good reviews expands its reach.

But in negative situations, it also entails resolving client issues and preventing complaints from escalating.

Take Action on Comments & Feedback

Take Action on Comments & Feedback Hotel Social Media Social Media Marketing for Hotels

After that, ensure you include a feedback loop in your social media plan.

It’s one thing to acknowledge and respond to feedback, but it’s another to execute.

Customers may offer their feedback regarding your hotel and services on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making it an incredibly simple process for you to figure out what your brand needs to improve.

To expand your following while maintaining a good brand image, you must act on what your followers desire to see.

For example, you might offer a behind-the-scenes walk of your hotel, which generates a lot of attention and positive comments.

Consider building a series of similar content to capitalize on its generated attention.

Alternatively, you may have received numerous reviews or comments claiming that your booking system is complicated and that contacting customer services is difficult. Rather than deal with these issues one-by-one, take note of your followers’ feedback and comments and modify the systems producing difficulties.

In cases when customer comments have resulted in action, it’s a good idea to make a public announcement of the adjustments as a result of feedback, demonstrating that you care about your followers and show your dedication to improving their experience.

Learn From Your Top-Performing Content

Take advantage of your social media stats. In terms of taking action, refine and improve your social media strat based on which of your posts are most successful.

To find out what your followers love, analyze your post’s engagement and popularity. These are the following metrics to check:

  • Likes.
  • Shares.
  • Comments.
  • Engagement in the first few hours of posting.
  • Reactions of followers in the comments or replies.

Once you’ve discovered successful social media content, extract specific elements that may have aided in its success, such as topic, format, length, or tone. Then, repeat these parts across other content in various ways to see how they stack up against one another and develop a strategy for social media postings with a high probability of success every time.


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